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Technical application and functional defect analysis of woodworking cyclone dust collector

Woodworking cyclone dust collector has changed from high filtration speed, high resistance and short service life to, low resistance and short service life. It pursues excellent comprehensive effect of energy conservation and emission reduction and has achieved remarkable results.

The woodworking cyclone dust collector adopts the ash cleaning mode of pulse injection, which has the advantages of good ash cleaning effect, high purification rate, large air volume, long service life of filter bag, small maintenance workload and reliable operation. Woodworking cyclone dust collector is a single dust removal equipment with automatic ash removal structure. This bag dust collector is widely used in industrial and mining enterprises such as cement, mineral powder, mining, metallurgy, building materials, machinery, chemical industry and grain processing.

Woodworking cyclone dust collector can be generally divided into positive pressure and negative pressure according to the situation that the dusty flue gas enters the filter bag. The pressure of dusty flue gas entering the filter bag is positive, which is called press in type; When the pressure of dusty flue gas is negative, it is called negative pressure type. The press in woodworking cyclone dust collector has the advantages of low tightness requirement of the shell, simple structure and low construction cost. However, due to the dust containing flue gas passing through the fan, the fan impeller is greatly worn. The suction bag dust collector has strict requirements for shell tightness, high strength and high construction cost, but the dusty flue gas does not pass through the fan, so the wear of the fan impeller is small. In daily life, it is necessary to stop and check the woodworking cyclone, for example, the filter bag is worn and damaged, the filter installation is not sensitive, the application time is too short and the pressure resistance is too large. The ratio of the filter material and the filter material passing through the cyclone is an important factor to define the filter material passing through the cyclone.

Defects of woodworking cyclone dust collector:

1. Some flue gases contain more moisture, and the dust may have strong hygroscopicity, which generally leads to the binding of filter bags and blocking of filter materials. In order to ensure the normal operation of the woodworking cyclone dust remover, the insulation method is adopted so that the moisture in the gas will not condense.
2. Some types of woodworking cyclone dust collector workers have poor working conditions. When checking and changing the dust collector bag, they need to enter the box.
3. There is a demand for the ability of woodworking cyclone dust collector to accept temperature. The temperature resistance of cotton and wool filter materials is 80-95 degrees, that of synthetic fiber filter materials is 200-260 degrees, and that of glass fiber filter materials is 280 degrees. When purifying flue gas with high temperature, there are methods to reduce the temperature of flue gas.