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What should be considered when designing the ash discharge valve of bag filter

When selecting the dust collector, the properties of the flue gas and smoke treated in the dust removal system must be considered to make the dust collector operate normally and achieve the expected effect. Flue gas properties: such as temperature, pressure, viscosity, density, humidity and composition are directly related to the selection of dust collector. Properties of smoke and dust: such as particle size, density, moisture absorption, hydraulic hardness and abrasion of smoke and dust have a direct impact on the selection and normal operation of dust collector.

Other factors that should be considered in the selection of dust remover mainly include the economy of dust removal equipment, floor area, maintenance conditions and safety factors. Therefore, when selecting dust remover, it must meet the technical and economic rationality in the operation of dust remover on the basis that the treated smoke and dust meets the emission standard. Similarly, we also need to consider some problems when designing the ash cleaning system of bag filter. Detailed explanation on the design of small bag dust remover.

Attention shall be paid to the following when designing the ash conveying and discharging device in the dust removal system of bag type dust collector:

(1) The dust removal system of bag type dust collector shall be designed, and the ash discharge device shall be able to discharge dust smoothly.
(2) The design of dust removal system of bag type dust collector needs to know the status of discharged dust (dry powder or slurry), ash discharge system (intermittent or continuous), dust nature, dust discharge volume and pressure at the dust outlet of the dust collector.
(3) Design of bag type dust remover dust removal system to ensure dust removal

The bag filter is designed to ensure the air tightness at the dust outlet of the dust removal system, so as not to reduce the dust removal efficiency. A certain height of ash column is required above the ash discharge device to form an ash seal.

(4) The dust discharge capacity of the dust removal device of the dust removal system designed for the arranged bag dust collector shall be less than the conveying capacity of the transportation equipment. When the dry powder dust is discharged from the continuous humidification dust remover, the dust unloading device with uniform and quantitative feeding shall be selected, such as rotary dust unloading valve, screw dust unloading valve, etc.
(5) The dust discharge device working on the lever principle, such as flashing dust discharge valve and flap dust discharge valve, shall be installed vertically and adjusted in time.