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Cause analysis of aging of bag filter

When the bag type dust collector is used for purifying high-temperature dusty gas, due to the low temperature of the ambient air inhaled by the back blowing, it is easy to cool the high-temperature gas below the dew point temperature in the bag filter chamber or ash hopper, resulting in condensation and bag sticking on the dust filter bag or filter wall, which will affect the normal operation of the dust collector in serious cases, so attention should be paid to its application in humid areas. This kind of dust collector device with negative pressure suction and back blowing is suitable for the treatment of dusty gas at room temperature.

The aging of bag type dust collector is mainly caused by the following reasons, so it is necessary to investigate the causes, take elimination measures and replace the dust removal filter bag.

1. Hardening and shrinkage due to abnormal high temperature;
2. Reaction due to vapor contact with acid, alkali or organic solvent;
3. React with water.
4. The filter cloth should not be hung too loose or too tight. If it is too loose, it is easy to accumulate dust, and if it is too tight, it is easy to be broken.
5. The old cloth bags of the new process shall not be mixed, so as to avoid the influence of different damage time on the normal operation of the dust removal equipment.
6. The bag replaced by the bag type dust collector shall be blown out with compressed air first, and then checked for holes. If any holes are repaired, they shall be reserved for replacement. If the cloth bag is pasted by dust, wash it with water and leave it to be replaced after drying.

Bag filter is a dry dust filtering device. It is suitable for catching fine, dry and non fibrous dust. The dust removal cloth bag is made of textile filter cloth or non-woven felt. The filtering effect of fiber fabric is used to filter the dusty gas. When the dusty gas enters the bag filter, the dust with large particles and large specific gravity will settle down due to the effect of gravity and fall into the ash hopper. When the gas containing fine dust passes through the filter material, the dust will be retained to purify the gas. Generally, the dust removal efficiency of new filter material is not high enough.