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How to calculate the reasonable selection of pulse bag filter

The model of pulse bag filter shall be determined according to the use occasion, flue gas temperature and other conditions. The selection of the number of filter bags by the filter shall be determined according to the use occasion, flue gas temperature and other conditions. The model of filter bag filter shall be determined according to the use occasion, flue gas temperature and other conditions.

When the filtering speed of the bag filter material of the pulse bag filter is 1.2m/min, if the processing air volume is 26000m3 / h, the filtering area of the filter bag is 26000 / 60 / 1.2 = 362m2. If the filter bag with the specification of 130 * 2450 is selected, the filtering area of each filter bag is 1m2, and about 362 filter bags are required If an air box pulse bag filter is used, select a bag filter with 6 chambers and 64 filter bags in a single chamber, i.e. ppc64-6. In this way, the total number of filter bags is 384, and the total filtering area is 384m2 In this way, the filtering wind speed is 26000 / 60 / 384 = 1.13m/min, which meets the requirements and the selection is reasonable

How to select the filter material of pulse bag filter:

When selecting filter materials, we must fully understand the operating conditions and technical conditions of the dust collector, and comprehensively compare the performance of various filter materials. We can neither think that the more expensive the filter materials are, the better, nor use a so-called & ldquo; OK & rdquo; Filter material can be used in various occasions.

Selection principle of bag filter material for pulse bag filter

The filter material of bag filter is generally selected according to the nature of dusty gas, the nature of dust and the dust cleaning method of the filter. The selection shall follow the following principles.

① The performance of filter material shall meet the general and special requirements of production conditions and dust removal process.

② Under the above premise, the filter material with long service life should be selected as far as possible, because the long service life can not only save the operation cost, but also meet the requirements of long-term standard emission of gas.

③ When selecting the filter material for the bag filter of the pulse bag type dust collector, the sorting and comprehensive comparison of various filter materials shall be carried out, and the so-called & ldquo; OK & rdquo; The filter material is suitable for various working conditions.

④ In terms of gas properties, dust properties and ash cleaning methods, the filter material of pulse bag filter should be selected by grasping the main influencing factors, such as high-temperature gas, flammable dust, etc.