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What dust cleaning methods can bag filter be designed

The dust cleaning methods of bag filter are diversified. We usually have our own requirements for the dust cleaning of bag filter. Of course, there are many ways to clean ash by pulse injection. However, we still need to know about several dust removal methods of bag filter.

(1) Bag type dust collector mechanical vibration bag type dust collector

The characteristic of this kind of dust remover is that the power of vibrating dust layer is small and the number of times is large. In order to make the energy easy to spread and ensure sufficient vibrating force on the filter surface, thin, smooth and soft filter material should be selected. For example, chemical fiber satin or twill fabric, the thickness is 0.3 ~ 0.7mm, the mass per unit area is 300 ~ 350g / m2, and the filtration speed is 0.6 ~ 1.0m/min; It can be increased to 1.0 ~ 1.5m/min for small units.

(2) Bag type dust remover chamber reverse blowing bag type dust remover

This kind of bag filter belongs to the type of low kinetic energy ash cleaning. The filter material can be thin filter materials, such as 729, mp922, etc. this kind of filter material has soft texture, easy deformation and stable size. There is no difference in the selection of filter material for chamber reverse blowing bag filter, whether it is internal filtration or external filtration. Satin (or twill) woven filter material is preferred for large and medium-sized dust collectors, and thin needle felt filter material strengthened by base cloth can also be selected for special occasions. Thin needle felt filter materials with good wear resistance and air permeability are preferred for small dust collectors, with a mass of 350 ~ 400g / m2 per unit area. Weft double or double fabric filter materials can also be used.

(3) Bag type dust collector pulse jet bag type dust collector

This kind of dust remover belongs to the type of high kinetic energy ash removal, and usually adopts the external filter round bag or flat bag with dust removal framework. Therefore, the filter material with thick, wear-resistant and strong tension resistance should be selected. Chemical fiber needle felt or compressed felt filter material can be preferred.

(4) Bag type dust collector with vibration back blowing and similar bag type dust collector

The selection principle of filter material of this kind of dust remover is roughly the same as that of compartment back blowing dust remover, mainly satin (or twill) woven filter material. At present, thin needle felt has been gradually used.